At The Billing Code we prioritize making your goals our goals!

The Billing Code can support you by making your revenue cycle our highest priority while you take care of your patients, close Quality and Risk Adjustment GAPs, improve your performance, and meet compliance metrics.

Reasons to partner with  The Billing Code

1. To reduce your Account Receivables days

Days in A/R national average is 50 days; however, 30 to 40 days is preferable. We can help you reach that goal!


2. To reduce your denials

10% denial rate is the industry average; keeping the denial rate below 5% is more desirable. We can help you lower your denial rate and increase your cash flow.


3. To improve your coding documentation

Improving clinical documentation increases productivity 40% to 50%. Our experienced coders can help you reaching this productivity rate.


4. To increase HEDIS starts and Risk Adjustment scores

Insurance companies require you to increase your quality performance starts and your RAF scores over 1 point. We have Certified Risk Adjustment Coders that can help you increasing these scores.


5. To reduce compliance exposure and avoid fines and recoupments

The demands related to audit requests from government agencies can be intimidating. Our Certified Professional Medical Auditor can help uncovering internal problems that may cause liability.